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  • Ravaged Universe
    Ravaged Universe, the game that this forum is all about.
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  • Escape Velocity
    The game that inspired it all. Currently in it's third generation, EV:Nova, without Escape Velocity, we wouldn't be here
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  • Hideout
    The hideout, the first, the original. Long dead, and much missed.
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  • Enigma
    Enigma is RU's much belittled older brother. It may have it's (many many) flaws, but, it served us for 7 years, and is still with us.
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  • Enigma Forums
    Enigma's forums. Much has been plotted, schemed, and planned here over the years. We encorage you not to read it, for fear that you will find ways to use our old tricks against us.
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