Post Sat Mar 03, 2012 11:27 pm

[IRC] Close encounters of the first order

[15:53:29]  <sowjetisch> hello wraith who are you?
[15:54:08]  <wraith> who are you?
[15:54:44]  <sowjetisch> I am an old friend of dash and IC
[15:55:01]  <wraith> did you play enigma?
[15:55:28]  <sowjetisch> No, I am not interested in games
[15:55:45]  <wraith> ok
[15:55:56]  <InfiniteCustomer> hahah
[15:55:58]  <wraith> played with it Dash and IC back in the day
[15:56:06]  <wraith> have something to say IC?
[15:56:14]  <InfiniteCustomer> Nope
[15:56:22]  * wraith shakes head
[15:59:50]  <sowjetisch> these boys are playing enigma for years and years but I couldnt succeed
[16:03:11]  <wraith> why not
[16:05:03]  <sowjetisch> I was not understanding computer games and other players didnt try to teach me. I needed a course
[16:05:18]  <wraith> i see