[IRC] Real Talk with Sowjetisch

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[IRC] Real Talk with Sowjetisch

<sowje> yesterday I drank a beer in a pub and my diet , my all mechanism is ruined
<cia_man> http://cl.ly/2m0n0z1o2s0S25383A2k
<cia_man> ^^ That much
<cia_man> I'm sorry, I should be nicer
<sowje> how a big nose holes
<cia_man> haha *censored for the common good* you
<sowje> my surgery doctor enlarged my nose holes during the surgery. but after 8 months they were normalised

...a little later...

<croc> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38430353/Photo%20on%204-20-12%20at%202.50%20PM.jpg
<cia_man> ohai
<sowje> why all pig nosed boys make that move?
<croc> i was making a pig nose to mock cia_man obviously
<cia_man> ya'll some ****
<cia_man> straight up ****
<sowje> having a **** is good
<croc> hahah REAL TALK
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Re: [IRC] Real Talk with Sowjetisch


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