Post Sat Feb 21, 2015 3:13 am

[IRC] Single Point of Failure'd

[9:06pm] bld: I have different tiers of passwords you see
[9:06pm] bld: depending on how much I trust a given website
[9:06pm] bld: if it's a salsa dancing tier website I give it my salsa dancing tier password
[9:07pm] bld: so if later I need to use my account I can go back and go oh hmm what's my password well this site is salsa dancing so I must have used salsa dancing tier password
[9:07pm] bld: whereas banks etc. get my top password
[9:07pm] bld: There is a flaw in this system
[9:07pm] bld: because all of my accounts are controlled via email
[9:07pm] bld: and I classified the email website as salsa dancing tier
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